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About us

Dear all,

We appreciate your interest in Thejomaya. We at Thejomaya are committed to making your introduction to our Centre both welcoming and informative. We at Thejomaya Activity centre believe in laying the foundation for each and every child to excel in life as an educated, ethical and self confident individual.

We understand our responsibilities of starting your child’s growth at our Centre. Thejomaya Activity based centre is a place where kids are given an opportunity to explore, e0xperiment, enjoy and experience with ease their ability of becoming an individual outside their parents world.

Our playschool and prekindergarten activities would ensure that your children enjoy their learnings. Our teachers are experienced and well trained and we shall provide an atmosphere of learning while playing.

Our flag ship programs also include Homework Buddies and Junior Talent Program.

We provide a professional environment to children from the age group of 3 to 15 to hone their skills in their academic curricula. Our various enrichment programs like Phonteics, Pattern writing, Handwrting, International art program, Olympiad exam training have benefitted to the children in the community around.

Personally as a Chartered Accountant, I strongly believe that a systematic and well researched activity based structure through experienced teachers would play a vital role in the progress of the children.

At Thejomaya Activity centre we pave way for early learning environment and gives importance to the environment within and outside.

To make our value creations complete , we are now rolling out our Thejomaya Training the trainer programs which will focus on training the teachers on subjects, pedagogy and also class management. This essentially involves professional development process for teachers to win an edge over their passion.

Situated in a very calm location at Karpagam Avenue, 1st street, Off Santhome High Road, the centre is fully air conditioned.

We look forward to your meeting.


Uma Yogeshwaran